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Free domestic shipping on orders $95 or more | SAVE 15% STORE WIDE. AUTO APPLIES IN CART (3rd PARTY PRODUCTS NOT INCLUDED)
Free domestic shipping on orders $95 or more | SAVE 15% STORE WIDE. AUTO APPLIES IN CART (3rd PARTY PRODUCTS NOT INCLUDED)


Bronco Sport Roof Header PPF

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Wear and tear protection, custom cut for your Bronco Sport. Each option is linked to the item for easy purchasing.

We’ve included the most common areas of impact and made our own templates to ensure we had good coverage and enough play for a DIY’er.  No edges are wrapped, and very little stretching is necessary.  All our PPF is cut from the industry’s finest film, XPEL.  Please see our installation videos for tutorials on this install, but if your uncomfortable, please have a professional installer handle this.

(1) Hood PPF -  We had our Sport one day before getting a chip so bad, we had to repaint our hood.  So, we quickly started on our PPF kits. Our hood piece covers just the nose of the hood, where 90% of those chips occur.  This is a large piece, so we do recommend professional installation, but it is designed with no rolled edges making your install much simpler.

(2) Roof Header - For even more protection, we've added our roof header section to our PPF collection.  This covers the area above the windshield, still susceptible to those dreaded chips.  And as an added bonus, we've included the A-pillar portion of our full pillar kit.

(3)  Pillar Kit - The Bronco Sport's piano black pillars are gorgeous, but also scratch easily.  Protect that gloss finish with our Xpel PPF pillar kit.  This kit covers all pillars, A-D in the areas needed.

(4) Door Cups - It doesn't take long before you start to get those scratch marks under the door handle.  This little bit of protection will keep your factory paint fresh underneath.  And, with the self-healing and scratch-resistant properties of PPF, it will keep that look for years to come.  Door kits come as a set of (4) and also includes the (2) rear gate inlays.

(5)  Headlights - The Sport has large headlights, and those need protection. Whether on the streets or off road, all it takes is one little rock to ruin your day.

(6)  Lower Rockers - Even with the plastic lower rockers on the Bronco Sport, those little rocks can still get to the lower body.  This kit gives you that much more protection to keep that paint looking new.

(7)  FULL KIT – All of our PPF area kits in one discounted bundle.

All areas are sold separately, however, we do offer a discount on all items as a full kit.  Please select each area as needed, or full for your cart checkout.

*remember, the red area shown is just to show coverage area, PPF is clear!