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Frequently Asked Questions

- Why don't you ship international?
We have yet to find a simple method for international shipping. The costs are very expensive and require alot of additional paperwork (customs declarations, etc.), weights and sizes we do not have until packaged. We are currently looking into better methods, please be patient!

- Where can I see actual colors?
As crazy as it may seem, we do encourage you to visit your local sign or wrap shop to see the actual color selections. 3M, Avery, Oracal (our primary color brands) all have swatch books that most of these local shops should have. Additionally, screen colors rarely match what the actual color will be, as everyone's screen calibration is different. However, we can also ship you color samples free of charge if needed. We also have a YouTube video of our popular in-stock wrap vinyls.

- What kind of vinyl do you use, what can I expect for longevity?
We use only the industry's best. Preferrably 3M, Avery and Oracal. Depending on what
type of graphics you're purchasing will depend on what type of vinyl we will be using. We
use Oracal 651 for basic, small decals (think Instagram names, etc.) These are normally
considered short term outdoor. For our larger vehicle graphics and kits, we use wrap vinyl;
this vinyl is cast, has air egress adhesive and installs dry. Depending on the area you live in
we usually see 3-5 years. This also depends on maintenence and sun (UV) exposure. A
non-maintained hood graphic won't make it much over a year or so outdoors full time. A
vehicle that is well kept and kept out of the sun will be on the high end. We also
recommend ceramic coating to give you a little more life.

- Why are your prices higher than what I see on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon and similar online sites?
Very common question. Lots of factors come into play, primarily the answer is overhead. We are a family owned and operated small business with a physical retail location. Rent, payroll, insurance, proper tools, premium vinyls, etc. all will factor to higher pricing. We do our best to stay competititve, but will likely never be able to meet their prices. With over 20 years in the industry, we are confident you won't be disappointed with our quality and customer service. Think of the old phrase, "you get what you pay for." Not all are bad,
there are great retailers out there, just do your research and know what you're buying.

- What's your refund policy?
The answer is NO REFUNDS. However, we will look at each claim on a case by case basis for
special circumstances. All our products are made custom to your order. Once produced,
there are no changes. Be sure you know what you are getting BEFORE placing the order.

- What if my package is received damaged?
If the package arrives damaged, the claim is with the carrier. (we recommend reporting ASAP to carrier). If the contents arrived damaged, please send us photos. In most cases, it is likely still usable. But if a replacement is needed, we will need to inspect the returned item(s) prior to replacement.

- My graphics look spotted, cloudy or wrinkled?
This is just the pre-mask or transfer liner. This is there to protect your vinyl before and during installation. It is removed after decal is applied. Any imperfections in the mask are 99% just in the mask and will NOT affect your decal.

- How do I install my graphics, ..can I do this myself, wet or dry method?
We make each kit as simple as we can for the DIY'er. However, if you aren't confident to do the install, we always recommend a professional from a local sign or wrap shop. We do have a YouTube channel that shows many of the kits installations that may help you decide if this is something you want to do or send out. Nearly all of our kits are DRY INSTALL. Our vinyl is wrap vinyl with air egress adhesive intended for dry installs. Wet installs on dry kits are not recommended.

- Do you do custom designs?
Of course! If you have an idea for a new design, feel free to send it over. If it's something we can add to our catalog, there will be no charge. If this is a one off design, it will be billed hourly, but will be kept in your file. There is an additional fee to release the digital files.

- Do the graphics come as a pair?
Yes. Any kit that has a right and left side will come as a set.

- Ceramic coatings and PPF
We encourage decals be applied BEFORE any coatings are applied. If you already have a ceramic coating, the decal may not properly adhere as intended. Coating must be removed and re-applied after decal is installed. We've had great experience with installing kits over PPF.

- Can you refer an installer in my area?
Unfortunately, we do not have a known network of installers. However, finding a good one is easy when you know what to look for. Search your area for vehicle wraps, you should get a good list of wrap and sign shops. Ask if the installer is certified for installing wrap vinyl, or what experience they have. If you really want to know, just visit them, and bring your kit, or link them to our work.

- How do I contact you? I still have more questions!
Phone - M-F 9-6 CST at 713-783-4739(GRFX)
Email -
Facebook, Instagram and other online outlets work too, but typically take longer to respond.