Gladiator Tailgate Wrap

Gladiator Tailgate Wrap

Gladiator Tailgate Wrap

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After many requests, we’ve decide to offer this as a kit for the DIY’er. 

Do note, THIS IS NOT A PRE CUT KIT.  This includes raw material to cover the areas needed for a proper and complete job.  We do suggest professional installation, but many have done this on their own. 

What’s included:  left, center, and right side 3M Deep Matte Black wrap.  Extra material for the camera.  Stencil for JEEP letter badge replacement.  Roll of 3/16 pinstripe (2 mil) in Avery Cardinal Red (if optioned). 

You will need to source on your own:  soft squeegee, hard squeegee, heat gun, adhesive remover and fishing line, 3M VHB high tack double sided tape, 3M Finish Line cut tape, ….and patience. 

Quick overview of how to:

  1. remove taillights:  bolts on inside of bed, once removed pull straight back away from front of vehicle
  2. remove camera:  unscrew small panel ion inside of tailgate
  3. remove JEEP letters:  use fishing line to break the adhesive behind the letters.  There will be two pins (one on J, and one on P), carefully work around them and remove letters.  Leave adhesive on the backs of the letters, remove the adhesive left on the tailgate.  Apply 3M VHB double sided tape over the residual adhesive on the letters for re-application.  A template for placement is provided for install after wrap.
  4. Clean wrap area with 70% alcohol
  5. Apply 3M Finish line cut tape to follow the body line of the tailgate wrap area.  This will be a 3 section process.
  6. Apply appropriate wrap vinyl to the area, use light heat as needed and soft squeegee to lay material.  Use cut tape to cut away undesired area.
  7. Repeat for 2 remaining sections.
  8. Don’t forget to wrap camera housing
  9. Apply pinstripe along outside edge.  (optional)
  10.   Post heat with heat gun to 180* to ensure proper adhesion
  11.   Reinstall taillights, camera and Jeep letters
  12.   Admire your work!

We also offer Jeep badge overlay decals should you want to custom color the letters.  (sold separately)

This is currently only offered in RED pinstripe – CALL for other color options


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Had a little malfunction, and it was fixed right away without hesitant. I will continue to patronage UGG!

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